La page de Kelly Lyons
La page de Kelly Lyons
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Peyton works tirelessly to do things that others can do with ease. It is hard to watch how other kids can move and play freely, while Peyton struggles to keep up.
She has spent countless hours in her life in therapies, learning to move her body, to communicate and to play.  She has worked hard to be able to keep up as much as possible, but she is still often left behind.  The most incredible thing about her is that she doesn't let it get her down!  She comes back stronger every day! 

While she has been busy doing that, Starlight has been busy treating our family like we are stars! We always have something to look forward to, and they think of everything to help ease some of the stresses that we feel daily.  We believe that the most precious gift that they give is time for us to be "us" together and we are so grateful for those times when we can step away from all of the care tasks, worries and therapies to just be a family together.
This year, we were treated to a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer train – which is now one of our family’s most cherished memories!

As parents, it has been very humbling to see how many people work so hard to provide such special moments for families in need!  It has been on our minds all along to be able to pay it forward so that other families can benefit too.  
That is why we think that it is an important lesson for both of our daughters.  To be able to recognize the generosity of others and to learn how to put that positivity back into the world.  
Our greatest wish for our daughters is that they cherish the memories that we have made and that it inspires them to spread joy in the world when they can.

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